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EVICTIONS SERVICE - Tenant Evictions
One of the services offered by Metropolitan and Crown is evictions. This allows Landlords the ability to evict any occupants who have either:

  • A contract that has expired

  • Rental arrears

Metropolitan and Crown offer an accelerated procedure and a smooth transition for providing an effective alternative for Landlords to evict the occupiers of their property. Our evictions team have provided this effective and alternative service with many of our Landlords. This cost-effective evictions service is available to any Landlord looking to evict someone who is occupying their property.

How long does an evictions process take?

Each case varies due to waiting for the courts initial response, which can last from 3 to 4 weeks. After the initial response from the courts, it then depends on whether the occupant(s) contract(s) have expired, or their is an issue of an 8 weeks (or more) rent arrears being owed to the Landlord. The occupier must be in rent arrears. An expired contract can sometimes be quicker than an issue with rent arrears. On average, the eviction process can take up to
3 to 4 months.

Based on rental arrears, MNC Rooms will be able to file for CCJ (County Court Judgment), which in turn could affect an occupier's credit scoring.

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Evictions service East London

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