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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.) How do I arrange a viewing?

In order to save time and fit your requirements, we suggest that you follow the step by step guide in order to maximise your chances of a successful viewing. “It’s about quality, not quantity.”

2.) What references are required?

In order to rent with MNC Rooms, you will be required to present the following documents:
- Last 3 months bank statements
- Last 3 months payslips
- Work reference letter
- ID copy
If you are a student or are new to the UK then please refer to New Tenants Criteria section for more information.

3.) Who is responsible for contacting the utility companies after I move in?

Unlike many direct landlords or property agents who will only include a limited number of bills, MNC Rooms provide all utility bills included in your agreed rental price hence providing a hassle free move in service for all our new tenants.

4.) When will the rent leave my account?

Generally, rent is paid by a standing order mandate and will leave your account 3 days prior to the rental due date in order to be in the recipients account on the due date (The due date is typically, although not always, the date on which you moved in).

5.) What happens if my rent is paid late?

Any problems with rental payments that may result in a late payment or arrears, should be conveyed to MNC Rooms. Arrears letters (for which you will be charged) will be issued, and a late payment fee of £5.00 per day will be incurred.
We understand that sometimes it may be slightly difficult to make ends meet, perhaps even there may be payment delays from your employer, but as long as you inform your Area Manager of the situation, and some form of dialogue is kept, late payment fees may be voided based on each individuals circumstance.

6.) If I want to serve a notice to vacate my property, what should I do?

At Metropolitan and Crown - MNC Rooms, we understand that flexibility in lease terms is vital. We try not to tie clients down for too long, and a notice would need to be served in accordance with your particular lease agreement, in this case 1 months notice prior to end of agreed tenancy term.

7.) If I have any problems with my tenancy, who do I speak to?

Your property is managed by MNC Rooms. We then adhere to a level of responsibility to rectify property maintenance. MNC Rooms' commitment to our clients is one of professionalism in that an engineer will attend the premises (in a time that adheres to the logged maintenance issue's level of priority) and assess the matter, dealing with it accordingly.
Any maintenance matters can be E-mailed –
Direct contact - 020 7538 8887

8.) What penalties will I incur should I break my lease agreement early?

The primary liability is for rent until the end of the contract or its break clause point. Otherwise, you will be liable to forfeit your security deposit. This is detailed on your tenancy agreement.

9.) What should I do with the keys at the end of the tenancy?

Please ensure all sets are returned, a receipt is obtained and that this happens on or before the last day of your tenancy.
Please note that you will be liable for rent on a daily basis until the keys are returned.

10.) What expenditure should I expect at the end of the tenancy?

Typically, as an outgoing tenant your costs will be associated with professional cleaning and the inventory check out. Any discrepancies between the check in and check out may result in deductions from your deposit. We do advise that to keep costs low that once you move out the property, that the room is returned in the same condition that you would have so received it as detailed in your inventory.

11.) When is my deposit returned to me?

Once the check-out has been conducted, and the property has been cleaned to a satisfactory standard, the money will be returned to your account less any agreed deductions. This typically takes 10 working days and generally no more than 28 days.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us.

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