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At Metropolitan and Crown - MNC Rooms, we have put in place a set of house rules. All tenants are made aware of this and these rules are to be followed when house sharing. We ensure to make all tenants stay pleasant with us.

  • Clean As You Go - This is self explanatory, you generally would clean as you go - whether that would be in the kitchen, bathroom, passage areas etc - Communal cleaners are provided on the basis of inspection and disinfect bathroom/toilet areas as well as kitchen. With all our managed premises we supply a plunger, mob, bucket, dust pan and brush. These items have been provided on the basis that it allows you to implement Clean-As-You-Go.
  • Kitchen Sink/ Bath-Tub/ Basin – After you use these areas, all bodily hair that remains should be removed from the bath-tub and drain ready for the next person to use. There is nothing more off-putting then seeing excess hair from ones body clogging up the drain. When using the sink avoid clogging this by ensuring a drainer is in place, no other fluids should be passed through the waste other than water i.e. grease
  • Toilet Friendly – Nothing should be placed and flushed down the toilet other than toilet paper and human waste. Anything else then blocks the toilet and this then causes an overflow in to communal areas and the toilet would be out of order until a engineer is available to attend.
  • Be Respectful Of Housemates Privacy - It is important that privacy is respected and house-mate(s) room(s) should not be entered with-out the occupants consent.
  • In-House Noise Pollution - Indeed music and social gathering is an important part of our lives, but we must be constantly wary of the amount of noise created and other house-mate(s) may find this disturbing to their daily routine and ultimately affect their sleep. As well as respecting neighbours we ensure to treat each housemate(s) as a neighbour so it is a must to keep noise to a minimum during the hours of the night. The days of working 9:00am – 17:00pm are over, people’s hours now exceed right into the weekend. When moving in to a house it is important to work with the current house mate(s) to optimise a rappor and understanding each others working hours.

Metropolitan and Crown - MNC Rooms times:
these are subject to individuals working hours)


Monday - Friday (10am to 6pm)

Saturday (Closed)

Sunday (Closed)

Bank Holidays (Closed)

  • Eat What Is Yours - It is important to understand that MNC Rooms have provided two Fridge/Freezers on the basis that there is space for housemate(s) to allocate space for their own preference in foods, we understand that sometimes items maybe borrowed when cooking or they may be used but we would like to point out that this is only viable when you have consent from the house-mate(s) in question - otherwise it will be classed as theft.
  • Bathroom Hogging – Being clean and feeling fresh is important, not only for hygiene purposes but also therapeutic. It is always important for one to take into account the length of time they should spend in the bathroom as it will cause a back-lash effect with other people who want to use the bathroom facilities. During peak hours MNC Rooms advise tenants to constantly be wary of the length of time spent – after-all, Room share is about compromising.
  • No Smoking in Communal Areas – Day by day people are very health conscious, we understand that smoking is a part of some peoples routine, however it is not fair that other house mate(s) suffer from passive smoke. Tenants who do spoke are able to do so in their rooms with their windows open (or outside the premises in some cases).
  • Having Guests Stay Over, Not Every Night – We understand that it is important to have guests over visiting you; perhaps it’s a girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or family member. Having familiar faces around is proven to manifest a relaxed atmosphere, especially if you are residing in unfamiliar territories. It is important to remember that if guests turn out to be more frequent than others than the current housemate(s) will unfortunately have to bear the brunt when they have to wait for yet another person(s) to finish using the bathroom and toilet facilities, use of the kitchen etc. It is not fair for this occur and MNC Rooms will issue a warning letter and escalate this further should this continue.
  • Security - Close The Front Door As You Leave – In order to maintain safety within the premises, house mate(s) are required to close the front door entrance to the property at all times. As majority of the time housemate(s) spend their time within their rooms, communal areas will be left exposed to any unwanted interruptions or visitors.
 Things you should know
  • Some properties have pay-as-you go top up metres. If your property does than it is important that if either gas or electricity is running low or is finished, you should then go and top up what is necessary and keep your receipt. MNC Rooms will then refund you.
  • Storage cupboards in communal areas are for use of all housemates unless specified by your Area Manager.
  • If there is a maintenance issue MNC Rooms will send someone out within 48 hours to look at the situation and handle the task accordingly based on level of priority. You can also send an email to:
  • Bins are provided in the communal/kitchen area(s) for everyone to use, all tenants responsibilities is to dispose of the waste and replace a new bin bag, this would minimise any chance of infestation. Mop, bucket, dust pan and brush, hoover and plunger are supplied by MNC Rooms (these are kept in the kitchen areas) to encourage housemate(s) to implement Clean-As-You-Go.
  • If light-bulbs go out, tenants are encouraged to purchase additional bulbs and will be refunded.
  • The boiler is on a timer basis (i.e the boiler will be off for periods when the household is empty) this is to avoid boiler breakdowns also to reduce abnormal heating within the premises – ask your Area Manager for more details.
  • MNC Rooms retain a copy of room keys and pin codes in the event of an emergency.
             (Rest assured no one will access your room(s) without informing yourself)
  • After your notice is given/issued to vacate your stay with us one month prior to your moving out date, access must be pre-arranged to enter your room(s) in order to conduct viewings for the next tenant. Also your room(s) have to kept neat and tidy to a reasonable standard during this period.

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