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The benefits of becoming a MNC Rooms tenant is that we can place our tenants near to their place of convenience as we have a wide spread of properties across zones 1 – 4. Now, as the tenants have already passed our reference check the deposits can easily be transferred to a new room in a different location within our portfolio.

If you are an existing tenant of MNC Rooms then a user name and password will be allocated to you and you may then login and view which one of our tenants may be moving out in a particular location and you may contact them direct for an initial viewing or they may even swap with another tenant (Please note that Metropolitan and Crown must be notified of any swap ore transfer so we can get all relevant paper work in place)

At MNC Rooms, we strongly believe in health and hygiene and we promote this by providing a communal cleaner every fortnight (this is a free service we provide at no cost to our tenant(s). Having a clean environment reduces the risk of infestation and being effected by germs. This is especially important in the flat sharing market where peoples lives are busy and share communal areas such as bathroom/toilet, kitchen, living areas and passage ways.

The industry standard in rental market dictates that a 1 month advance and 1 month deposit be paid prior to taking occupancy of a property/room.
Now, let’s say that the average price of renting a double room in Zone 2 is £130.00 Per Week, PCM (Per Calendar Month) that will work out as £563.33 (including bills). Multiply this by 2 to reflect a 1 Month advance and 1 Month deposit i.e.:- £563.33 * 2 = £1126.66. It will cost £1126.66 to move in to a double room in London. At MNC Rooms, we provide a standard deposit of £250.00. We do this to reduce theoverall cost of moving in for our tenants by not tying up to 50% of their deposit money. To move in with MNC Rooms, it will cost (excluding fees) £813.33. Single rooms we price the deposits at £200.00. At MNC Rooms, we ensure that a smooth service is provided as we have a wide spread range of tenants across our managed premises. We ensure that we provide a detailed inventory report on all items within the room and communal areas in regards to conditioning and wear and tear. Also a colour print out archived pictures is provided. One copy is presented our tenant and One copy we retain as your property managers and we will sign each others copy. When it comes to our tenant moving out one of our appointed representatives will inspect the room and bring the original inventory provided as well as the tenant is expected to provide a copy that was previously signed off. If all correlates well with the inventory report than all deposit shall be returned in full either via bank transfer or cash payment.

Whilst living in room share it is important that Health and hygiene is mandatory that is why we provide 2 Fridge Freezers in all our managed properties so that frozen foods and other fridge items not be cramped together where contamination is inevitable. Also, by having 2 Fridge Freezers it enables order within the kitchen area where we allocate certain amount of rooms a fridge. In some of our master rooms at the right price we even could offer a private fridge/freezer exclusive to the room or even a sofa. This is applicable to master bedroom sizes.

Since the internet was introduced to the commercial audience and regular home user, having access to

the World Wide Web has become mandatory to people’s lives. Whether it be for work purposes or communicating with friends or family across the globe, it has become as important as carrying a mobile phone.
At MNC Rooms, we provide internet as a free service to all our tenants so they benefit from 24 Hour unlimited wifi access in all our managed premises.

Often living within premises also comes with the burden of property maintenance. If you rent a room from MNC Rooms, we ensure that all appliances are checked thoroughly and that we have warranty in place. As a service level standard all new residential premises comprise of the following certificates to ensure that safety regulations are met and that our tenants are safe guarded: -

GSC (Gas Safety Certificate)

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

NIC EIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) Certificate

Gas Safety Certificate
A gas safety certificate is a record showing that gas appliances in a given property are safe. All landlords in the UK have been required to maintain gas safety certificates since the 1998 Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations were issued.

According to the UK Health and Safety Executive, a landlord is any land owner who rents or leases properies for a term less than seven years, or under a licence. This property may include rented residences, let by the day places such as hotels, and residential vacation spots, such as chalices. A landlord must renew gas safety certificates annually (every twelve months),

he or she is also required to keep a copy of each inspection report for at least two years, and to provide a copy to each new tenant that occupies the residence within twelve months of the last inspection. When the landlord has a new inspection performed.

These records must be completed by engineers registered with the Gas Safety scheme, which standardizes gas safety among appliances. Different engineers may have different qualifications, which landlords can find on the back of their Gas Safety scheme registration card. Gas safety certificates are required to show that each landlord maintains gas safety regulations as outlined by the HSE. One of these regulations is that any room converted to a bedroom after October 1998 should not contain a gas fire, gas water heater, or gas space heater, unless it has an atmosphere-sensing device or is room sealed. For more information on regulation and maintenance, the HSE provides brochures and more detailed books.

Even if a tenant brings in a gas appliance, the landlord is responsible for certifying that the associated pipework is safe for gas use. Outside appliances should be checked by a Gas Safety scheme engineer before they are used in the rented property.
Depending on the landlord/agent agreement, an agent who participates in property leasing may be responsible for gas safety regulations and checks. It is important to make sure that in the landlord/agent agreement, it is clearly stated which party is responsible for gas safety certificates and maintenance. Landlords may keep the gas safety records electronically, as long as the record is readily accessible and secure from loss. It must also be readily identifiable with the gas operative who performed the certification. Identification may include a scanned signature, an electronic signature, or simply the name of the operative.

NIC EIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) Certificate
The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting or NICEIC is one (of a number of organisations) which regulates the training and work of electrical enterprises in the UK. The NICEIC is one of only a few providers given Government approval to offer Competent Person Schemes to oversee electrical work within the electrical industry. The NICEIC is a privately-owned body (the owner being the Electrical Safety Council, a Registered Charity) and not a Government organisation, as often incorrectly assumed.
From 1923, an earlier organisation, the National Register of Electrical Installation Contractors, kept a register of approved electricians.

Electrical contractors register with the organisation to become approved contractors, meeting the NICEIC's specification of training. If work undertaken by the approved contractor is not up-to-standard, the NICEIC will correct it if necessary. Work is checked by fifty four local Area Engineers. Many local authorities only give work to NICEIC-approved electricians.
To be an approved contractor, the electrician must:
Ensure work is carried out to BS7671; the IET Wiring Regulations.
Certification is issued on completion of installation work as directed by: BS 7671
Has up-to-date copies of BS 7671
Has competence with test instruments as outlined by Section 6 ("Inspection and Testing") of BS 7671; the IET Wiring Regulations
Has public liability insurance of at least £2m

At MNC Rooms, unlike private landlords we have a dedicated team solely focussed on maintenance issues; we handle each task with the upmost professionalism as our service level agreement is to respond within 24 – 48 hours. As most our trades people are in-house our tenants get a quick response in all instances, in most cases all problems are rectified sooner.

Each of our premises have an Area Manager and they may be contacted in immediate emergencies, such as a gas leak or if a tenant is injured within the premises, other than this we shall respond to property maintenance issues as per the service level agreement time within 24 – 48 hours.

At MNC Rooms, we believe in offering support to all our tenants with regards to their room, communal areas, services we supply such as wifi broadband or cleaning services. Every tenant is treated without being biased or prejudice; all concerns can be voiced to your dedicated Area Manager.
You may very have a query in regards to your accounts or procedure for claiming back your deposit amount. At MNC Rooms, we have that with a dedicated Area Manager any concerns or queries are responded to in a prompt manner. To identify our dedicated team please go to ourdedicated team section. Each of our Managers have at least 2 years experience within the Lettings market as well as full Property Management and are there-fore skilfully equipped to assist tenants.

Often it is time consuming and indeed stress worthy when settling in a new location. That is why at MNC Rooms, we recognise the need to need to have someone to assist our new/existing tenants move-in or move-out our managed premises.

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