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At MNC Rooms, we treat our tenants well and our years of experience enable us to identify which group of tenants will suit a particular location or fit well with existing tenants.

Our reference checking involves a third party company carrying out all necessary
financial status reports  to ensure that there are no debts nor CCJ’s (County Court Judgements) registered. Work reference letter is also required to determine the individuals terms of employment accompanied by salary status as well as reliability and punctuality ratings.

We strongly believe in safety for our tenants which is why we ensure that electrical appliances such as cooker, fridge and washing machine come with warranty as well as the
boiler to be insured which demonstrates our commitment to professional property management.

Within our
portfolio of properties across London and surrounding regions our existing tenant base consist of professionals whom work in canary wharf, professionals in central London as well as students attending high calibre universities.

Firstly we make sure that you get good
credit checks and references – after all, this person is going to be sharing your home! You cannot get pre-screening services for potential lodgers online, we do. We ensure we obtain bank and/or building society, employer and any previous landlords to provide references too. It’s also worth doing a criminal records check via a preliminary CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check. At MNC Rooms, we appoint a third party company to carry out all necessary checks in order to ensure that our criteria is met for any of our managed premises in order to ensure safety to all our tenants for whom may take occupation of a room.

We also interview our prospective tenants - find out how much time they expect to spend in the property, what they do for a living, and notify them any house rules. Again, with adequate amount of experience in dealing with people on a daily basis, our dedicated team is very much in touch with all existing tenants and can be fully trusted that the right tenant is best placed in a flat-share ideally suited to them.

We draw up a written agreement which covers all essentials - rent amount and payment details; rooms and facilities included; any notice period.

We want our new tenants to be comfortable at all times.

MNC Rooms, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible service by demonstrating tenants’ safety. Much like a Hotel, there are in-house check in desks. This is in place to ensure that a guest is briefed on the standards of the rooms as well as verifying any concerns initially. MNC Rooms take this one step further by providing a mobile Check-In Service for our tenants ensuring that from the moment they enter the premises on the day that the tenancy will commence that one of our trusted Area Managers are there to offer full support and safety by ensuring the following:

Tenancy Agreements are presented in a professional manner and that all sections are explained thoroughly outlining that all communal areas have a fair-use policy and detailing late payment charges, fixture and fittings arrangement and account payment settle dates.

-       Working set of keys is provided allowing access to the front door as well as bedroom door. In some instances there are
pin-coded system(s) and a pin will be allocated to the new tenant in question to enter their rooms.

-       Detailing the basic use of
boilers – The boiler is thought of as the heart of the household, without this there indeed will be no supply of instant hot water or gas generated heating. It is important for a new tenant to understand where the boiler is situated within the property and that basic instructions to use are detailed by your Area Manager. Either on the boiler itself or in the communal areas there will be a thermostat to control the temperature to suit.

-       Detailing the Location of the
Electrical Fuse BoxMNC Rooms advise in briefing our tenants with the location of the fuse box so they are not tampered with nor are accidently tripped hence compromising the electrical safety of all our tenants residing in the premises. NOTE : All our Managed premises adhere to certification required by law.

-       How to Access the Free Wifi-Service - Having access to the internet is as central as having a warm meal (some may argue). Whether you would be using the service for work, research purposes or maintaining a social status. Your Area Manager will demonstrate how to access the FREE internet service. The location of the router will be in the communal areas and safely secured leaving no wires exposed. The password will be on the Router itself however we do advise making a note of the password keeping it in a visible area within your room(s).

-       Use of Appliances – At
MNC Rooms, we provide appliances such as cookers, washing machines etc. Some are slightly more sophisticated to use than other makes and basic settings will be outlined by your Area Manager to ensure that you use the appliances to their optimum capacity therefore fully benefit from their use.

-       Location of Storage Cupboards – Storage cupboards are generally situated in communal areas therefore they are for use by all tenants. Only in some instances at the discretion of the Area Manager will he/she allocate new tenants with exclusive use due to two factors: -
1. The tenant(s) have more items than usual. - 2. There is not enough storage in bedroom areas to compensate the amounts of personal belongings therefore leading to clutter and ultimately compromising the notion of cleanliness.

-       Outlining Schedule of Communal Cleaner – It is important to understand that when house/flat-sharing that the communal areas most in use are the bathroom and toilet. These are the areas which are more prone to the infestation of bacteria build –up and disease fest. It is very important that these areas (including the kitchen area) are thoroughly disinfected thus reducing the build-up of bacteria. Your Area Manager will brief you on the daily operations of the Communal Cleaner.

-       Clean As You Go Policy – As Communal cleaners are provided as a means of disinfecting communal areas and inspection, it is important that a Clean-As-You-Go policy is implemented.
MNC Rooms emphasises this policy as it inherently reduces the risk of rodent/insect infestation and ensuring that our clients live in a safe and clean environment. For all of our managed premises, we supply a mop, bucket, dustpan and brush as well as a Hoover. Your allocated Area Manager will illustrate where these basic essential items are kept so you will be able to use them whilst implementing Clean As You Go.

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